Even with wmii

Submitted by Phaul on Wed, 2007-02-07 21:09.

This screenshot shows openmoni in wmii. As there is no background pixmap in wmii, we enforce the grey background. Giving up the positioning and the size of the window we let wmii to do that.

What is ahead us, is the window motion support with the semitransparent background...

It is a bit tough now, as we store the so-called `backing store' pixmap - what is on the screen - but not the sources what lead to it. We need a proper pixmap abstraction that supports alpha channel, if its done, storing 3 layers of them we can redraw the window according to the 1. initial background (first layer), 2. oml background layer, 3. foreground. Until than, well, use solid colour background, or leave the window in it initial position.