Submitted by Phaul on Wed, 2007-01-24 18:07.

Well, few weeks ago I proudly said that all colour depths are going to be supported, ah. that was a bit too optimistic. Now I have a version that starts within an acceptable time (calling XAllocColor() takes a lot of time). I could achieved this by using a client side colour cache, as many other X applications do - aaah.
Ok, time to switch to colour depth 16. Seems fine. Ok try 8.
For my great disappointment the whole X desktop went messy,
OpenMONI even didn't start. Hm.
Ok. Let's try 4. X aborted, hm. let's try 1, uh.

Next step is to write a PNG support that handles different colour depths.

Along the way many bug came accross, but I am too busy to make a release. Now using cvs head is recommended, while SECOND-2 isn't out.