Colour depth support

Submitted by Phaul on Fri, 2006-12-15 10:17.

Nowadays I work on the different colour depth support in OpenMONI. The next version should handle all X colour depth correctly. However I want to disguise the differences between X configurations, so there would be a layer between OML and X, translating the OML colour encoding to the X window's colours. This means we can always use the 1byte/RGB + 1byte unused at the MSB:

  • 0x00ff0000 : full red
  • 0x0000ff00 : full green
  • 0x000000ff : full blue
  • And the MSB byte is unused. Later on we could use it for alpha?!

    I'ld like to release this asap, once I got it working. Take a look at the change list, because other changes have been done.