Changelog since SECOND-1 - the most important changes

Submitted by Phaul on Fri, 2006-12-08 15:35.
  • OMLDEBUG: a compilation option, this doesn't affect the user, it's for debugging and disabled by default.
  • fine tunable partition list in fsinfo.oml
  • BUGFIX: if an init variable had not been set up in init.oml openmoni seg faulted.
  • several new options in init.oml like draw borders?, appear in taskbar? etc ...
  • BUGFIX: Unsupported function that takes 0 argument and returns one value doesn't underpop the stack any more.
  • Number of arithmetic operands is not limited to 2. We can write for ie (+ 1 2 3) which is 6. + - * / are affected.
  • MEMLEAKS FIXED: more separate memleaks were found, plugged in.
  • BUGFIX: hash function changed. Previous has a bugous implementation.
  • Multiple colour depth support.