Changelog since SECOND - the most important changes

Submitted by Phaul on Mon, 2006-10-30 11:19.
  • Weather plugin - far from OK. Though works in most cases. (disabled)
  • Centralized depend, subdepend, recurse and nothing targets.
  • Centralized definitions for graphics context members. (in omls/x.oml)
  • Less compilcated desc_table implementation.
  • MEMLEAK fixed : destroying fifo structure doesn't leak memory any more.
  • OpenMONI survives the absence of init.oml - using default init values.
  • Transparency & round corner radius setup via init.oml.
  • BUGFIX : now oml requires the descriptor table. It wasn't required if
    it had been compiled only with MATHSUPPORT - in most cases at least FILESUPPORT
    is compiled in.
  • Simple experimental net IO support added.
  • 1024 Kb is written now as 1Mb in the netscope label.
  • Scope oml doesn't abort if the net interface could not be openend.
  • At least the background calculation supports other than 24 bit depth.
  • BUGFIX : Some WM doesn't set up a background image for the RootWindow => we can't grab it.
  • Standalone oml interpreter can use the netload support.
  • BUGFIX : unsupported function now returns NIL if nessecarry.
  • execute keyword introduces.
  • several MEMLEAKS fixed.
  • If charging level is less than x%, the info is printed in warningcolour.
  • Destroyed values go into the cache.
  • random keyword.