Additional stuff related to OpenMONI

Submitted by Phaul on Thu, 2006-10-12 17:56.

Here's the oml related part of my elvis.syn. If you don't understand this, elvis is a vi like text editor with syntax highlighting. This is the syntax definition.

language oml 
extension .oml
inword -
font emphasized nil + - * / = not and or < > <= >=
keyword func join nth extract length print abort sleep
keyword progn if while set declare list 
keyword ascii strcat floor strlen substr
keyword xdrawtext xdrawline xdrawarc xcleararea xgetgc xsetgc
keyword uptime meminfo cpuinfo procnum fsinfo apminfo date
keyword sin cos asin acos log sqrt
keyword open read write getpos setpos close
keyword mkscope graphadd graphupd scopeflush rmscope
keyword netloadopen netloadgetstat netloadcloase
keyword pngopen pngdraw pngclose
keyword netconopen netconread netconwrite netconclose 
strnewline empty
string "
comment ;