Heading toward "Second"

Submitted by Phaul on Sun, 2006-09-03 18:30.

Although no new feature will be presented in Second, the vast majority of the previous release's code has been rewritten. The virtual machine has changed a lot, I expect a slight performance improvement, but the main thing is the modularity with every step getting more and more enlarged. The new virtual machine is also more simple and easier to understood. The new compilation process will also support this modularity, you will be able to compile the virtual machine even if you have no X installed. The modules could be easily switched on before the OpenMONI compilation, just by editing the openmoni.mk file. If the building process fails you could simply disable the module that caused the failure. If a module is disabled the related OML functions do nothing and - if they have to - return with NIL.

I work heavily on the new release, changes are going to be merged into the CVS soon.