Take a look at the new screenshot - OpenMONI with PNG support

Submitted by Phaul on Wed, 2006-08-09 13:34.

Link PNG support is currently available only in CVS version, and it remains an option not a dependency. You can use OpenMONI without any port or package - though installing libpng is not a big pain - is it?! It improves themebility - you could repaint the whole window for your own taste.

A new graphics context primitive is added too - the 10th element of gc can be 0 & 1. If 0 (the default) you draw on the foreground, if 1 you draw on the background. Drawing on background lets you do things like the new analog clock - the background png is on the background, the arms are on the foreground. Otherwise xcleararea would mess up the png. This solution is a bit more general : all graphics operations care about the new GC.