Submitted by Phaul on Wed, 2007-01-24 18:07.

Well, few weeks ago I proudly said that all colour depths are going to be supported, ah. that was a bit too optimistic. Now I have a version that starts within an acceptable time (calling XAllocColor() takes a lot of time). I could achieved this by using a client side colour cache, as many other X applications do - aaah.
Ok, time to switch to colour depth 16. Seems fine. Ok try 8.
For my great disappointment the whole X desktop went messy,
OpenMONI even didn't start. Hm.
Ok. Let's try 4. X aborted, hm. let's try 1, uh.

Colour depth support

Submitted by Phaul on Fri, 2006-12-15 10:17.

Nowadays I work on the different colour depth support in OpenMONI. The next version should handle all X colour depth correctly. However I want to disguise the differences between X configurations, so there would be a layer between OML and X, translating the OML colour encoding to the X window's colours. This means we can always use the 1byte/RGB + 1byte unused at the MSB:

  • 0x00ff0000 : full red
  • 0x0000ff00 : full green
  • 0x000000ff : full blue
  • And the MSB byte is unused. Later on we could use it for alpha?!

    Second-1 is out

    Submitted by Phaul on Wed, 2006-11-15 13:45.

    Hi, i released openmoni SECOND-1 today. Thousands of changes have been done already, though this release is amid of a longer development process. That doesn't mean that this one is not better or obsoletes SECOND but contains a few currently unused functionality, that could be used in SECOND-2, or THIRD, whichever comes.

    Simple net IO supported

    Submitted by Phaul on Tue, 2006-10-03 19:15.

    The net io added recently is not a sophisticated or complete one. Altough could be enough. It allows you to write oml codes like

    (declare net)
    (set net (netconopen "" 9999 0)); 0 for TCP 1 for UDP
    (if net
       (print (netconread net))
       (netconwrite "Bye." net)
       (netconclose net)

    If you want to test this snippet don't forget to do sg like this :

    $ nc -l 9999 # listen on port 9999

    It's available - for now - in the CVS only.


    Submitted by Phaul on Tue, 2006-09-12 07:54.

    2 new screenshots are online about the upcoming second release. The screenshots show 2 different build of openmoni with exactly the same OML scripts. One has all support enabled, the other has all support disabled. (See

    The second release is now available in the CVS.